Aquaforest Garlic Oil 50ml


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Aquaforest Garlic Oil is a natural supplement made from pure garlic extract. Adding garlic oil to your aquarium can have many benefits. Because your aquarium inhabitants may struggle to get all of the nutrients out of a staple food diet for successful growth and development, garlic oil can boost the immunity of your fish, thanks to a unique blend of vitamins and minerals.

The 50ml bottle of Aquaforest Garlic Oil can be administered into the water to enhance fish appetites, as well as helping them to recover from illness or disease. Aquaforest Garlic Oil contains useful omega 3 acids, fish oil, natural antibiotics and vitamins needed for enhanced health and vitality.

Aquaforest Garlic Oil is strongly recommended during treatment and quarantine phases, as well as periods of rehabilitation after illness and disease.