Aquaforest AF Amino Mix 50ml


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Aquaforest Af Amino Mix 50ml

Amino acids aid growth and promote metabolism in all types of corals and filter feeders. That’s why Aquaforest have designed this superb Af Amino Mix, packed with concentrated amino acids to provide a vital source of energy.

Aquaforest AF Amino Mix is a must-have product for all coral keepers. The solution is easily administered and is perfect for Ultra Low Nutrient Systems (ULNS). Corals have been proven to have the capability to absorb 7 times more amino acids than naturally found in coral reefs, where concentration levels are found between 200 – 500nmol/l.

It is recommended that 1-3 drops of Aquaforest AF Amino Mix is added to 100 litres of water and for best results, is combined with Aquaforest Af Vitality. The mix should also be added to the water when lighting has been switched off.