ATM Outbreak Marine 236L (8oz)


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ATM’s Outbreak! is a high-powered biological sludge remover that consumes decomposing organics, leaving aquariums clean and free of waste that can cause problems for aquariums.

Regular use of Outbreak! improves water quality and leaves aquariums looking their best. When aquariums acquire a build-up of sludge, or decomposing organic material, it can leave the system looking dirty and un-kept.

Most urgent is the effect on the aquarium. Slime can collect on the biofilter, suffocating the aerobic bacteria needed to filter ammonia and nitrite from the water. One marvelous attribute of this product is it’s ability to completely control odours.

Biological Bacteria Blend Keeps Tanks Clean And Odour Free Removes Sludge And All Organic Buildup Ensures A Clean And Healthy Biofilter Safe For All Fish And Wildlife Used By ATM!