D-D AI Nero 5 Circulation Pump with Driver


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The Nero 5 pump from Aqua Illumination offers the latest technology in aquarium flow pumps. With a compact design yet powerful flow rate of up to 11’356 Litres Per Hour (3000 US Gallons), the Nero punches well above its class with a whisper quiet operation. At only 2.8″ High (71.5mm) and only 2.1″ Wide (54mm), the stylish Nero will not take up much room in the main aquarium at all.

Using the Bluetooth LE, the AI Nero 5 connects effortlessly to any iOS or Android device using the simple to operate myAI app. Although a high flow, the broad flow design ensures a wide movement of water which is essential in a reef aquarium without severe directed flow in small areas. With three main pumps modes :-

Constant Speed – For straight forward broad flow at one speed.

Pulse – Excellent for getting to dead spots within in an aquarium (be aware of wave like motions creating extra stress on glass aquariums)

Random – To mimic nature and changing flow rates throughout the day

The Nero pumps can be configured to flow in any way you desire. Whatsmore, the Nero pump also has an integrated controller, meaning you do not need to operate from a device and you can control the pump directly.

The app features an easy to use dashboard with direct links to the main operations of the pump – Schedule, Feed Mode, All On or All off. The schedule features, allows you to customise the programming of the pump effortlessly. You are able to operate multiple pumps with ease, all visible from the app – even giving simple sync settings so you can run pumps together for the perfect flow programmes for your aquarium The Nero control app also features the Feed mode which allows you to feed the aquarium without the flow running for 10 minutes, allowing enough time for the inhabitants to consume the feed.

With a discreet, compact and modern appearance the Nero from Aqua Illumination can easily be installed without taking away the aesthetics of the main display aquarium. Complete with full directional movement, you can direct flow exactly where you need it. Only 2.8″ high and 2.1″ wide, the Nero 5 is one of the most compact pumps on the market for the huge flow it creates within the aquarium. Complete with a neat magnet mount, you do not need to worry about suction cups or difficult to remove pumps for maintenance. The two part magnet mounting system can cater for aquariums up to 13mm / 0.5″ of glass thickness.