D-D AI Prime 16 HD LED Light White


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The AI Prime 16 HD is the next generation in the AI technology with promises of improvements to colour and colour mixing, light spread, aesthetics, NEW!! Bluetooth connectivity and a redefined more compact design.

AI have increased the number of LED’s within the LED clusters for all models in the range to ensure a perfect full spectrum is achieved. Additionality the new TIR optic lens vastly improves colour mixing and light spread.

The added addition of a dedicated moonlight has been added to the Prime 16HD, Prime Freshwater HD, Hydra 64HD and Hydra 32HD allows independent moonlight schedule from the main program.

Hyperdrive Technology

HD alongside most LED units within AI’s range means hyperdrive technology, this allows you to direct power percentage from a colour you have turned down to increase the percentage of a desired colour over the 100% threshold. This has not adverse effects on the LED’s life and will allow you to tune the lights spectrum to show the most vivid of colours.

Simple Built-In Control

Switching from WiFi to Bluetooth means AI Hydras and Primes have an even faster and more reliable connection with all the same controllability. These features within the app goes as followed –

Schedule Mode
Easy Setup Wizard
Acclimation Mode
Manuel Kelvin Mode
Aesthetically, AI have made improvements to the range of Prime and Hydra LED units resulting in a more compact sleek modern design, additionally these improvements have resulted in the AI lights becoming more water resistant. Whilst the Hydra and Primes are not waterproof, these improvements have reduced the risk of water damage from accidental occurrences.

The AI Prime 16 HD has 16 separate LED’s plus 1 dedicated moonlight, these range over 7 colours and 8 channels. The 7 colours are made up from the following –

Cool White
Royal Blue
Photo Red
Using the updated MyAi app the AI Hydra and Primes are now controlled via an easy and reliable fast Bluetooth connection (BLE).