D-D AI Prime Fuge 16 HD LED Black


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The Aqua Illumination Fuge LED Light is designed and optimized to put all its power and spectrum towards the growth of algae.

The AI Fuge has been developed specifically for the growth of micro algae in refugium’s and algae scrubbers to naturally reduce nitrates and phosphates.

With an 80-degree lense the AI Fuge has greater optical efficiency and colour blending for balanced spread and power. The specific spectrum of the Prime Fuge increases photosynthetic efficiency in plants and micro algae encouraging accelerated growth.

AI Fuge LED’s

6x Phyto Red – 15w
4x Red- 13.4w
2x Cool White – 13.4w
2x UV – 4.2w
HD alongside most LED units within AI’s range means hyperdrive technology, this allows you to direct power percentage from a colour you have turned down to increase the percentage of a desired colour over the 100% threshold. This has not adverse effects on the LED’s life and will allow you to tune the lights spectrum to show the most vivid of colours.
Controlling the AI Fuge is simple and easy using the Aqua Illumination app and a local Wi-Fi connection.