D-D Aquascraper 12″ 4 in 1 Handle


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The D-D Aquascraper 12″ 4 in 1 Handle is the ideal solution for all aquarium cleaning needs. The 12 inch tool utilises a 4 in 1 feature which includes 4 interchangeable attachments heads which fit effortlessly into one handle.

The D-D Aquascraper 12″ 4 in 1 Handle prevents the need for submerging your whole arm into the aquarium when carrying out routine cleaning and maintenance checks. Instead the easy-to-operate holder is a versatile cleaning companion which transforms into the most convenient cleaning head for all your requirements.

The Aquascraper 12″ consists of a Coralline Algae Scraper for acrylic tanks which allows you to scrape with additional pressure without the need to worry about scratching the sides of the tank. This plastic scraper is 3 inches wide with the perfect angle to give you good leverage with ease whilst cleaning in comfort.

The stainless steel scraper has been designed for glass tanks and easily removes all forms of algae off the sides of your aquarium tank effortlessly and quickly. The 3 inch head is angled for the most stubborn of residue.

A rotational polisher for algae on both acrylic and glass aquaria has been refined with a convenient head which rotates to accommodate heard to reach areas.

An innovative gravel shovel ensures sand, grit and gravel is removed from the floor of the aquarium without you having to get your hands dirty or wet. With an easy to remove emptying snail shell, other debris can easily be removed from the aquarium simultaneously.