D-D DC 300 Refrigerated Cooler Chiller


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The D-D DC 300 Refrigerated Cooler is part of a new generation in premium chillers. The 300 Refrigerated Cooler has a cooling capacity of 300W allowing it to deal with aquariums of up to 150 litres at a 10° C Degree temperature drop and up to 300 litres at a 5°C Degree temperature drop.C 4000 Refrigerated Cooler offers a sleek and professional aesthetic whilst a choice in high grade materials lends itself to incredible durability, reliability and efficiency.

The 300 model has a pure titanium heat exchanger /evaporator, providing extreme anti-corrosion properties in a saltwater environment as well as a superior quality condenser – for reliability and low noise. With low running costs, the economical 300 Refrigerated Cooler has a robust metal chassis to offer shock absorption together with reinforced strength, acting as an anti-vibrational feature.

The innovative model also has a heating circuit allowing it to be used as a chiller/heater