D-D Flipper Magnet Nano


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The Flipper Magnet Nano is the only aquarium cleaner you will ever need! It allows you to combine the action of scrubbing and scraping with the simple “flip” of the handle. The patented design is unique, handy and developed from durable materials to ensure long lasting performance.

The Flipper Magnet Nano is suitable for a glass thickness of 1.4″ and for tanks up to 25 gallons. Its easy handling design facilitates two separate cleaning motions, allowing you to tackle stubborn algae and debris with the same tool. The handle of the 2 in 1 aquarium cleaner can be rotated to access either one of the two different surfaces, ensuring effortless cleaning with this compact and incredibly convenient tool.

The clever magnet feature of the Flipper Magnet Nano allows you to complete your aquarium cleaning regime without even needing to get your hands wet!