D-D H2Ocean Fluidised Reactor (Without Pump)


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The H2Ocean Fluidised Reactor (also known as the Nutrifix Reactor) has been specially developed by D-D to offer fast and efficient fluidising of a number of materials for freshwater and marine aquariums.

The fluidising device is compatible with Rowaphos or Phosphate Removers, carbon, biological sand and Nutrifix Bio-Pellets. The reactor can be mounted in variable positions and can stand inside the sump, beside the sump or hung onto the sump. Alternatively the H20cean Fluidised Reactor can also be clamped directly to the side of the tank for easy accessibility, maintenance and cleaning.

The reactor comes complete with the following parts: 3 x lengths of clear plastic tubing, flow adjustment tap, 8 x cable ties for securing the pipework, 2 Grades of media sponges and a non-return valve.

The base of the H2Ocean Fluidised Reactor has been developed to disperse an even flow of water through 360 degree angles down the central downpipe eradicating deadspots. A lower perforated diffusion plate acts as a lower support for the media when the device is switched off, thus creating an empty plenum area below for a higher fluidisng efficiency rate.