D-D H2Ocean P4 Wi-Fi Dosing Pump


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Latest in dosing pump technology D-D have teamed up with Kamoer renowned for manufacturing medical grade dosing equipment to bring us a high quality and reliable product.

With a footprint of 250mm x 50mm deep the H2Ocean P4 doser is one of the more compact dosers on the market currently. Using the D-D H2Ocean Mobile App the doser can be easily and precisely controlled to dose up to 4 separate supplements.

The P4 Doser by D-D is packed with features sets this aside from other dosers on the market, with an inbuilt battery backup this protects all settings from getting lost in the event of a power cut. The H2Ocean Doser can dose supplements between 1 – 24-times per day with a fluid volume between 0.1ml – 9,999ml, an added feature monitors the amount of liquid remaining in the container so you should never run out.