D-D Jumpguard PRO DIY Aquarium Cover 75cm x 75cm


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D-D Jumpguard PRO has been designed as a sleek, discreet and sturdy protection against fish jumping from the aquarium. The powder coating aluminium profile results in a strong durable finish whilst the mesh has minimal effect on light penetration only dropping PR levels by 2.5% with no shadowing. The PRO NOW INCLUDES cut-outs and brace bar parts as standard plus an aesthetic black mesh.

Most aquarium’s main feature is there rimless and braceless open top design which makes them desirable amongst hobbyist, so because of the D-D have designed the Jumpguards to sit on the inside edge of the aquarium on an extruded profile lip to seamlessly blend the cover from sight.

Another feature to further improve the Jumpguards design is there improved corner mouldings featuring angled edges which ensures a tight neat fit onto most aquariums where the silicone on each corner edge may cause some issues.

What’s included?

– 4x aluminium frame sections

– 4x plastic corners

– 2x plastic handles

– 1x length of rubber spline

– 1x sheet of black mesh

– 2x Reverse corners to form the flexi cut-out

– 1x Brace Bar

– 1x instruction manual