Deltec Professional UV-C Sterilizer 10W UV Unit


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The D-D Professional Complete 10W UV Unit is a professional and high-performance steriliser which offers an equivalent to the 20W UV Unit. Its clever design produces a radiation intensity of 30,000 microwatts/sec/ and is capable of destroying the most common pathogens found in fresh and saltwater aquariums. The unit is designed for aquariums up to 500 litres in size

If required the intensity of the D-D Professional Complete 10W UV Unit can be increased by simply decreasing the flow rate through the unit. As the most effective way to sterilise water, the device releases no chemicals, eradicating the risk of overdosing. Sterilisation results produced by the 10W UV Unity is instantaneous, using a highly concentrated UV-C which exerts a lethal effect on living pathogens.

By alternating the genetic material of pathogens, thus inhabiting their reproduction abilities, the germicidal properties found within the UV-C of the 10W UV Unit is capable of destroying viruses, protozoa, algae, yeasts, bacteria and mould spores.

The unique 10W UV Unit has been developed with a quartz sleeve between the water and the bulb. The bulb is created from quartz also to increase its transmission rate. The Professional Complete 10W UV Unit produces approximately twice as much UV-C per unit than that of a conventional glass bulb unit. The product also includes an electronic Ballast for flicker free operation, doubling the bulb life, a reinforced UV resistant plastic body to prevent degradation with time and a viton gasket for a long term UV resistant seal.