D-D Reef-Pro 1500 in Ultra Gloss White


Shipped Direct from Supplier within 5-10 Working Days


A rimless iron glass tank, twin filter socks and filter silencing…. silent invisible weir and overflow arrangement – to name just a few of the new D-D Reef-Pro Systemised Aquarium’s features. Built for the advanced hobbyists, the system has been developed to perfection with a flawless, clean aesthetic that runs throughout the entire design, reflecting the brand’s extraordinary expertise.

The D-D Reef-Pro Systemised Aquarium guarantees success with its innovative braceless, modern display and high clarity glass. The layout of the aquarium has undergone some careful consideration to provide the consumer with exceptional functionality whilst also offering maximum space, hiding equipment such as the weir box to minimise intrusion into the aquarium. The weir consists of an elegant twin stand pipe design to offer silent running and a dry box section which allows the piping to run through the aquarium rather than down the back of the display. The weir box has also been cleverly angled so as to reduce dead spots within the tank, with pump pipework that maintains a clean and tidy look.

The D-D Reef-Pro Systemised Aquarium has been designed to allow the aquarium hobbyist the flexibility to customise and improve their tank system with equipment of their choice as they do not come with any electrical equipment such as lighting, pumps or skimmer etc.

The sophistication of the ultra-quiet twin pipe weir system does not stop there. With further refinement at the sump level, the pipes are completely submerged for silent water return, not to mention the eradicating of gurgling and splashing. But the filtered water also flows into two large compartments that have been specifically engineered to hold additional equipment, as well as the choice to use one chamber as a refugium with caulerpa/cheato. This section provides further flexibility for those aquarium owners who prefer to skim before the refugium, or those who prefer to skim afterwards.

To finish the elegant look of the D-D Reef-Pro Systemised Aquarium, the tall profile of the tank and cabinet only adds to its appeal, allowing for good headspace whilst carrying out all types of maintenance work. The aquarium cabinet is supplied pre-assembled and provides excellent rigidity and loadbearing, courtesy of its 36mm waterproof boarding and heavy duty adjustable feet. The tanks have been executed in a stunning high gloss white, black or anthracite finish to reflect a true contemporary feel, yet one which sits beautifully within both traditional and modern interior decor. The cabinet also showcases a double fold back door and soft close hinges for optimum convenience and improved access.

Please note: unleveled cabinets at the base can stress the glass and result in uneven water level, so it is of utmost importance to ensure the aquarium is positioned on even foundations.

These aquariums do not come with any electrical equipment and the image is for illustration purposes only.