D-D Slimline Mounting Bracket Silver 50


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The new D-D Tank Mount is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment which allows you to securely mount your Al lighting in a stylish and safe way. The mounting bracket is suitable for 50cm wide aquariums.

The unibody mount is particularly elegant in its design and is formed from a single piece of heavy gauge Aluminium with powder coated finish in white. The designers at Al have developed the Dd Slimline Mounting Tank Bracket for ease of use, allowing aquarium hobbyists to set their lighting up quickly and effectively.

The Dd Slimline Mounting Bracket in black is suitable for the Hydra HD series (models 26 HD and 52 HD) as well as the standard Hydra range and Vega products. The lightweight Aluminium mounting bracket is also height adjustable allowing you to display you aquarium lighting whichever way you desire.

The Dd Slimline Mounting Bracket is also equipped with twin mounting points for a secure fitting.