Eheim Auto Feeder


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The Eheim Autofeeder is perfect for when you’re away overnight, or for those longer periods when traveling. With a compact size this auto feeder can be easily programmed using its splash-proof buttons. Exact feeding times can be scheduled ensuring that your fish are fed on time whilst you cannot be there to do so yourself.

The Eheim Auto Feeder is an easy to use and hassle-free solution to ensuring that your fish’s health is taken care of, without the added stress of trying to find a friend, neighbor or relative to come and take care of your aquarium whilst you are away.

When the set times hits, the feeder door of the Eheim Auto Feeder opens and drops the correct amount of food into the water. Alternatively you can also use a simple press of a button to feed the correct amount if you are home at the time. To keep the food in optimal condition, the food chamber is actively aerated, ensuring the food your fish receive remains fresh.

Ideal for open top aquariums and terrariums, the Eheim auto feeder fits the VARILUX aquarium hoods perfectly and holds a capacity of 100ml food.