Fauna Marin Ultra MB20 1L


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Ion exchanger Resin
Mixed Cation/Anion resin for Ion exchanger columns, e.g. Silicate Filter or Aqua light-Filter.
Always install the filter BEHIND a reverse osmosis system.

Check conductivity or hardness of the effluent water regularly, in case of increasing levels the resin has to be exchanged.
Regeneration of Ultra MB 20 is not economical.

Ultra MB 20 is a mixed Cation/Anion resin for the removal of all remaining ions after reverse osmosis. The water has the highest purity and is absolutely free of silicate.

Due to its unrivalled binding capacity Ultra MB 20 is a very economical way to achieve highest water quality.

By effectively removing all silicate, diatom growth will be stopped, Planarias and growth of unwanted slime algae and cyanos will be reduced.


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