Jecod DP-4 Dose Slave


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The Jebao Jecod DP-4 Auto Dosing Pump Slave is the perfect solution for an easy-to-use and incredibly precise dosing of supplements into any reef tank and can connect to the DP-4 and DP-3 master pumps to create a maximum of eight pump heads.

The affordable pump offers up to eight channels with pump heads that can be programmed to operate up to 24 times a day, dispensing the required amount of any solution into your aquarium, keeping tank parameters stable and reducing the need to mix solutions up by hand.

The Jebao Jecod DP-4 Auto Dosing Pump Slave comes with an advanced controller that allows for dosing in both large and small increments reducing the risk of measurement miscalculations. The plug and play device is calibrated with a 100ml graduated cylinder and features a blue LED light display with a back-up battery to store clock and user setting information if power is lost.