Jecod DCP 2500 Return Pump with Controller


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The Jebao Jecod DCP 2500 is a high-performance return pump witha controller which operates proffessionably and reliably. The simple speed control and operation of the Jebao Jecod DCP 2500 is reinforced by innovative electrics that provide around 65% energy savings. The maximum flow rate of the 23 watt DCP 2500 is up to 2500 litres per hour.

With an 8 speed controller and a slightly increased pump head compared to previous models, the DCP 2500 delivers an ultra-quiet performance and can be used in marine and saltwater environments.

Courtesy of its ability to electronically detect error conditions, the device communicates visual warnings and utilises an automatic power off protection, to prevent damage to the motor if the rotor becomes blocked. The feed mode disables the pump for a total of 10 minutes

The Jebao Jecod DCP 2500 contains no copper elements and is reinforced with a resistant ceramic shaft to provide long life and corrosion resistance. The Jebao Jecod DCP 2500 pump is designed to be ultra-quiet for submerged pump applications.