Jecod SOW-20 Wavemaker


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The Jecod SOW wave maker pumps are high powered yet energy efficient giving you more control. With 8 different flow rates and super quiet operation, the Jecod SOW brings natural wave patterns to your aquarium with user-friendly control. Complete with a magnetic mounting bracket and extra-long cable, allowing easy installation into any aquarium with glass/acrylic thickness up to 20mm.

Controller Features

With the latest pump technology, the Jecod controllers feature a night sensor which automatically detects when the tank lights go out and slows down the pumps. The controller also features a one-touch feed mode that slows the flow down for a period of 10 minutes, allowing enough time for the food to be eaten by the fish without being trapped in rocks or pushed down to the filter. The best feature of the new controllers is that they are now ‘Wireless’, meaning if two SOW type pumps are used, the controllers can ‘sync’ wirelessly, to enable the SOW pumps to run ‘in sync’ or in ‘anti-sync’. Also features an intelligent control system to generate various wave patterns to suit your tank.