Kessil Light A360 X Tuna Blue


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The Kessil A360 Tuna Blue light from the brand’s iconic LED lighting collection, are the only LEDs capable of producing a spectacular shimmer that rivals MH. The effect gives the look of natural sunlight on a coral reef – like having your own piece of the ocean to admire around the clock!

The Kessil A360 WE Tuna Blue LED is manufactured in-house with spectrums customized for aquarist needs. Dense Matrix™ technology is used to build LED arrays with unique spectral blends. A proprietary “double peak” light enhances photosynthetic absorption.

Kessil have worked hard to integrate the kessil A360 WE Tuna Blue LED light with patented Dense Matrix LED™ technology which concentrates multiple LED chips into a single light source. This result creates better and deeper penetration, without sacrificing coverage.

Aquarium hobbyists are able to tune the spectrum (10,000K) and intensity of the Kessil A360 WE Tuna Blue LED for a personalized look. Kessil Logic™ maintains consistent output across the tunable spectrum.

The Kessil A360 WE Tuna Blue LED also features Innovative heat management system with incredible efficiency and longevity, as well as a densely packed high power LED array that emits more light than competitors on the market.