Kessil Spectral Controller X


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The Spectral Controller X is an intuitively controllable LED controller for Kessil® lamps and has various adjustment modes.

Both the Spectral Controller and the Spectral Controller X from Kessil® are practical LED control units that can be operated intuitively. The colour display provides a good overview and the control works perfectly by touch. This provides an easy-to-use lighting control for Kessil® LED lamps. The programming is simple and the aquarist has a lot of possibilities to arrange the lighting of his aquarium.

The Spectral Controller X has a K-Link communication system, which is an upgrade to the simple Plug & Play 0 ~ 10V module. It is possible to network several (max. 32) A360X LED lamps, divide them into subgroups and equip them with very individual programs. K-Link is also to be understood as a bidirectional communication form, this means that the Spectral Controller X recognizes the number of lights in the network and displays their status.

The Spectral Controller X is designed for both the A360X and other Kessil® 0 ~ 10V luminaires. In addition to the K-Link port described above, it also has a 0 ~ 10 V output. An A360X can be connected via the K-Link output, and the 0 ~ 10 V connection is suitable for other Kessil® 0 ~ 10 V LED lights. This requires a special USB power supply, which is not included in the delivery.

Since different types of aquariums have very different requirements, the owner can program the lighting in two different ways with a Spectral Controller X.

In the so-called quick-set mode, both the illumination intensity and the colour temperature can be set individually over six or eight times. This makes it easy to realise light scenarios such as sunrises and sunsets.

The acclimation mode is designed to integrate additional lamps into an existing setup. If new corals or aquatic plants have been introduced into the aquarium, this mode is suitable for a particularly gentle approach to familiarisation. The timeline of the acclimatisation can be set very specifically.

In manual mode, the colour spectrum and intensity of the lighting of the aquarium can be individually adjusted as needed.

By the way: Kessil® LEDs are also compatible with other external 0 ~ 10V controllers. Several lamps can be connected and controlled in series.