Maxspect Ethereal LED With ICV6 Controller


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The Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting Unit combines an elegant, minimalist design with the most sophisticated technology on the market. With mood lighting to accommodate your every mood and a quiet blowing fan, together with multiple mounting points, the lighting unit has been developed to meet hobbyist’s everyday requirements.

The Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting Unit has been developed with a clever active cooling system which is temperature controlled to kick in when the light becomes too warm. The fan has built-in RGB mood lighting which can be set to compliment surrounding décor, can match the colours of your inner aquarium or can be set to cycle through the complete scale of colour options when entertaining guests. The fan of the Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting Unit keeps the fixture in optimal working temperature whilst preventing it from having to be used constantly – a factor which often causes wear and tear on the fan as well as a build-up of dust from constant use.

The Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting Unit has beautifully manufactured mounting arms to fix easily into position above the aquarium for optimum light coverage. With an attractive yet functional aluminium body, the lighting unit absorbs and dissipates heat away from the LED. A unique curvature on the top plate of the design melds into the dimensions of the aquarium itself as well as surrounding interiors

The Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting Unit can be controlled from an IOS device or phone through the optional ICV6 Integrated controller which uses wifi connection to seamlessly program the Ethereal from he comfort of your sofa. With a powerful integrated V6 controller, you can connect and program a full array of Ethereal lighting system variables without the need for a remote controller hanging about! The ICV6 app which is also available for use with the optional controller, comes with 4 pre-set programs to choose from as well as the option to customize programming

Differing from traditional LED lighting, the Ethereal from Maxspect has a reflector with utilizes nano-blend technology, ensuring superior coverage and minimizing colour delamination, resulting in overall better colour blending. The innovative lighting unit is therefore able to effectively focus and spread the light over a large surface without excessive light bleeding or glare.