Maxspect Gyre XF-280


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Maxspect Gyre Generator XF280 80w with PSU

The Maxspect Gyre Generator 80w with PSU power supply, suitable for tanks up to 3,800 litres, is part of the next generation of water moving technology. The development is based on a propeller nozzle facility rather than traditional powerheads and wavemakers. It’s also the first device that specifically creates gyre-type water movement within the aquarium.

This exciting new 80w accessory bears an improved interface and gives the user an overall enhanced performance. The Gyre Generator from Maxspect, effortlessly creates massive amounts of water flow, whilst keeping huge amounts of detritus suspended within the water column. With vertical and horizontal wave-type water movements created via the Gyre Generator provide the most popular type of water movement in large coral aquariums.

The Maxspect Gyre Generator 80w also offers additional benefits. For such an affordable price it delivers a quality product, enhanced with premier materials to ensure a robust and reliable service. The new water movement generator also prevents dead spots within the tank and is suitable for both first-time hobbyists and experienced, with its easy-to-use and incredibly versatile construction. With evenly distributed water flow throughout the entire aquarium, aquarists can rest assured that full circulation is maintained thoroughly – the generator even creates a bounce-back from the other side of the tank, generating superb quality “Gyre Flows”.

Note: The Maxspect Gyre Generator XF280 (equipped with PSU) requires the Maxspect Gyre Advance Controller which can be purchased separately and used to power multiple Gyre Generators simultaneously.