Python Pro-Clean With Siphon



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The Python Pro-Clean Gravel Wash Medium is suitable for tanks up to 90 litres and is the perfect solution for separating and removing debris and dirt from your water. What’s more it comes with the Python Squueze which completely eliminates the need for “mouth priming” and ensures that siphoning is effortless and quick.

The innovative design allows you to perform routine water changes effectively and quickly courtesy of the product’s clever construction. The tubing has been developed using the very highest quality materials to ensure reliability and ultimate customer satisfaction for the user.

Combined with this, the Python Squeeze is designed for use with all Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washers & Siphon Kits. The piece of equipment has been manufactured using a blend of the brand’s highest quality materials to ensure customer confidence and a product with incredible durability.

The Python Pro-Clean Gravel Wash Medium with Squeeze is perfect for both beginner hobbyists and advanced or experienced aquarists alike.


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