Red Sea Reef Energy Coral Nutrition B 500ml


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Red Sea’s coral nutrition program looks at the symbiotic relationship between zooxanthellae algae and corals which provides 85% their nutritional requirements, with the knowledge of this Reef Energy has been designed to make up the remaining 15%. Some corals such as Gorgonia or Sun corals do not get any nutrition from zooxanthellae algae and are called none-photosynthetic corals, they gain all there nutritional needs from dissolved organic matter which Reef Energy can provide.

Red Sea’s Reef Energy B is the second part in the coral nutrition program and consist of a concentrated complex of vitamins and amino acids corals and other invertebrates require as part of these nutritional needs. These are the exact complex vitamins and marine amino acids or MAA which zooxanthellae produce naturally. Vitamins are essential as precursors in the synthesis of chromo proteins whilst the amino acids are their building blocks.


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