Red Sea Reef Energy A & B Twin Pack


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The Reef Energy A & B Twin Pack includes colours A and B which are designed to promote both pinks and reds in your reef aquarium. Used together, they can produce amazing results.

Reef Colour A is a halogen and iodine supplement which promotes the pink colours in corals. It is a unique formulation of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and suspended protein flocks. Protein flocks will naturally induce the micro bacterial fauna that benefit coral tissue. The blend is specifically formulated and contains no unnecessary organic material.

Reef Colour B is a potassium and boron supplement that supports and enhances the red colours. It is a highly concentrated blend of Vitamins & Amino acids that are essential for healthy corals and invertebrates. Reef Colour B restores the vital vitamins and amino acids that are produced by Zooxanthellae, but depleted by organisms within the tank. The supplement is produced using marine sources which are quickly absorbed by the corals and other life.

To ensure coral health, the correct levels of these elements must be maintained and should only be dosed correctly. A good way to gauge this is to dose in proportion to the dosing of Red Sea’s Foundation a (calcium/strontium) supplement.

Contains a 100ml bottle of both A & B

Always monitor the visual appearance of your corals and check for fluctuations in nitrate and phosphate levels particularly in low nutrient tanks.

Typical signs of overdosing:

Development of a grey/brown bio-film on the live rocks
Outbreaks of algae.
Signs of under-dosing in a low nutrient system:

Bleaching of the corals from the base upwards.
The signs of over/under dosing the Reef Energy supplements can also be related to other issues such as too high/low levels of nitrate and phosphate or over/under dosing of Coral Colours elements.

Before adjusting the dose of Reef Energy make sure that all measurable parameters are at optimal levels.


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