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Deeper and wider dimensions to create your dream reefscape The S series tanks are 68cm (26.8”) wide, with a massive depth of 65cm (25.6”). Superior and robust aluminum super-structure Marine-spec anodized aluminum Replaceable exterior Hidden adjustable feet Elegant jet-black frame fortifying the 19mm thick ultra-clear glass Ultra clear glass 19mm (3/4”) Fortified internal framed glass Dual side-facing return pump outlets & large overflow box For optimal water circulation and increased surface skimming Dual return pump outlets Highly effective surface skimming Optimal water circulation Split-sump with a fully featured main sump and a multipurpose extension sump Split sump concept Professional main sump Extension sump (e.g. frag tank) REEFER-S 1000 Display tank length 210 cm Display tank height 65 cm Display tank width 68 cm Total system height 153 cms Total system water vol. 1000 L Display tank water vol. 795 L In-cabinet sump water vol. 205 L Ultra-clear front glass 19 mm Ultra-clear side glass 19 mm