Red Sea REEFER™ XL 200 System – Complete – White


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The Red Sea XL range of aquariums combine ideals of full-scale reef tank customization, with new and improved in-house designed technology. The Red Sea REEFER XL 200 in white holds a capacity of 200 litres and allows hobbyists the freedom to create a more diverse and desirable reef-scape.

This stunning aquarium is constructed from 10mm ultra clear glass. The extra durable lens is incredibly strong, creating the illusion of an even bigger tank whilst enhancing viewing pleasure! Ready for you to install your own pump, skimmer and reactor, tailoring and customizing the tank to your very own specification is effortless.

The Red Sea REEFER XL 200 white has been constructed from water resistant, heavy duty HPL coated plywood and is finished in this sleek , contemporary durable black gloss coating which not only gives the tank a clean, sophisticated look, but goes hand-in-hand with the tank’s beautiful smart bevelled edges that reduce colour and angle distortion. The Red Sea Reefer XL tank in white is also fitted with fully adjustable feet for effortless levelling on all surfaces.

The sump of the Red Sea REEFER XL 200 white aquarium has been integrated with a skimmer chamber, together with micron filter bags and even room for an optional refugium! A sump return outlet nozzle can be easily moved for maintenance and the sump itself has also been equipped with easily removable comb sections for easy cleaning. You can also decide how much of the sump you want to dedicate to the Refugium chamber and how much you want to use for your skimmer and other reactors. The sump also guarantees a constant, stable water flow throughout the complete system.

The exquisite XL 200 aquarium from Red Sea also promises a super quiet performance thanks to a selection of the brand’s finest quality materials. A regulated flow main down pipe which sits alongside a secondary bypass overflow assists in an effortless set-up. The route taken to the sump is unrestricted, enhancing a flawless, quiet operation which only adds to the desirability of the XL sized Reefer systems from Red Sea.


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