Red Sea REEFER™ XL 425 V3 System – Complete – White


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The Red Sea REEFER series aquariums are a solid foundation for new and advanced hobbyist alike to build and create a reef or marine aquarium In their own design and all equipment can be personally picked to build the perfect combination to ensure a thriving aquarium.

The REEFER series aquariums have been designed as a modern, stylish and contemporary addition to any home with an open top rimless tank with ultra-clear bevelled glass edges seated on a marine spec cabinet. Included with all Red Sea REEFER series aquariums is Red Sea’s Refugium ready sump with adjustable baffles and an advanced water management system and gravity fed automatic top-up system.

Red Sea REEFER’s water management systems includes the removable surface skimmer weir combs surrounding the central overflow box, the overflow box conceals the downpipe, emergency downpipe, sump return and multi-directional eyeball return nozzle. Moving into the cabinet is Red Seas patented unique silent valve with a 25mm hose tail to ensure a silent running aquarium with precise accuracy.

Now included with the Red Sea REEFER XL-425 Deluxe is 2 Red Sea ReefLED 90 Lighting which has been the result of many years of research into LED technology to provide a user-friendly REEF-SPEC and Reef-Safe LED light to ensure coral growth and colouration. Controlling the Red Sea ReefLED light is a simple 2 stage set up using the Red Sea’s ReefBeat App, further features are available.

REEFER Aquarium Specs –

Display tank dimensions (Length x Width x Height) – 120cm x 57.5cm x 55cm
Display Tank Volume – 332 Litres
12mm Ultra-Clear glass
Rimless bevelled glass
REEFER Cabinet Specs –

Cabinet Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) – 120cm x 57.5cm x 87cm
Marine Spec MDF
Soft Close Doors
Includes levelling feet
REEFER Sump Specs –

Sump Skimmer Chamber (Length x Width) – 48cm x 36cm
Sump Pump Chamber (Length x Width) – 26cm x 24cm
Refugium ready with adjustable baffles
20-27cm Water height
20.8 litre RO Reservoir
2x 225 Micron Filter Sock included
2x Media Cup
Bubble Stop Sponge Included
Overall REEFER System Specs –

Total REEFER Dimensions – (Length x Width x Height) 120cm x 57.5cm x 142cm
Total REEFER Volume – 422 Litres
Includes 2x ReefLED 90 Lighting Unit and Bracket
Recommended 4000 LPH flow rate (including head height)


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