Red Sea REEFER™ XL 525 V3 System – Complete – White


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The New ‘REEFER Concept’ from Red Sea comprises of a complete, 525 litre tank with all the foundations needed for building a fully featured reef or marine aquarium. The tank and cabinet offer a sophisticated feature for all modern interiors with the flexibility to complete your marine system with the equipment you choose to add.

Red Sea have, for the past few years, produced some of the world’s finest ‘plug and play’ type aquarium systems, all complete with necessary high spec’ electrical components such as the Red See MAX C Series and the larger Red Sea MAX S Series integrated with a full sump system.

The new REEFER series of aquarium systems provide you with the quality you would expect from a Red Sea Aquarium System and still designed for ease of operation, whilst at the same time enabling you to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers in order to create a uniquely customized system without all of the hassle. The aquariums provided with the REEFER systems are ultra-clear and rimless for a contemporary and stylish appearance.

The cabinet of this 525 litre tank in a superb white finish reflects the same high quality materials and design ethos found in all of the MAX Series lines. The cabinet is executed in glossy black to reflect the beauty and elegance admired within the glass of the aquarium itself.

The Red Sea REEFER 525 litre system is compact and practical as well as being complete with a comprehensive water management system, including a professional sump system, assembly ready piping with no gluing required. An integrated automatic water top up system and Red Sea unique silent down flow system are also included

New V3 upgrade

As part of Red Sea’s commitment to continues development and improvement of their products they have launched several enhancements to most of the Reefer models (referred to as “V3”). While there are no changes to the overall external appearance or main features, there are some key improvements which are expected to be welcomed by hobbyists.

These Include:

Refugium-ready sumps with the downflow valve positioned at the front of the cabinet (not applicable to the Reefer 170).

Increased volume for R.O reservoir

Introduction of a new filter cup supplied in addition to a micron filter bag. (this item will soon be made available for existing customers as a standalone item for aftermarket upgrade)

Plywood cabinet with levelling feet (only applicable to XL425 & XL525 models)

Reefer XL 425/525

Refugium-ready sumps

Increased volume for R.O reservoir

An increase from 2 to 4 filters (2 bags + 2 cups)

Plywood cabinet with levelling feet

Increased diameter return outlet (V3’s now uses the R42319 outlet assembly, previously supplied only for the XXL/P)


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