Seneye Reef Pack V2 – Includes Wi-Fi Web Server & Dry Box


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Seneye Reef Pack

The Seneye Reef Pack contains everything needed for hobbyists to set up their very own reef aquarium control system. The pack comes with the Seneye Reef itself, for monitoring of all critical internal conditions, the Web and Wifi Module which allows for instant access to your information from anywhere in the world, and the DRi connection box, allowing you to store all of your electrical equipment in a water and dust tight box for optimum safety,

The Seneye Reef; officers continuous monitoring and analysis of key life critical parameters within your reef aquarium. Automatic alerts can be received with vital information on testing, lighting and toxicity levels of your tank. The Seneye Reef has been integrated with PAR, LUX and Kelvin meters to allow you to act on conditions prompted by the Seneye Reef. A USB provides multiple connection possibilities, and readings are stored every hour. These readings are also automatically uploaded to your PC once successfully connected. The light meter is also a great option for using within planted aquariums.

The Seneye Web and Wifi Module allows aquarists to access information about their Seneye home, reef or pond device, from anywhere in the world via a tablet, pc, or smartphone using the Seneye Cloud. The Seneye Web Server and Wifi Module, eradicates the need for a PC altogether, seen as its wireless connection effortlessly teams with a router or modem to relay important and accurate information about your Seneye device. Uploads are quick and automatic with the Seneye Web Server and Wifi Module, which has been modified with additional lost power connection facility. The server uploads data from the Seneye device with faster and more stable results.

The Seneye DRi allows you to keep all of your electrical components in a neat waterproof connection box. With no need for rewiring or expensive electricians, The DRi features soft seals on the inside of the lid and each wire. The DRi is also IP55 rated against dust and water, allowing you to keep 4 way power extension bars protected even with timers.