TMC EcoReef Rock – Mixed Box D (Currently on Backorder)


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TMC Eco-Reef Rock is a sustainable alternative to live rock and is the next step towards sustainable reef keeping.

Eco Reef Rock is unlike other rocks on the market and cannot be compared by Kg as like other types of natural man-made rocks. This is down to the unrivalled porous nature making this 2.5 x the volume for the same weight.

Each piece of rock is man made with many stunning shapes and sizes making TMC Eco-Reef Rock some of the most attractive natural looking rock on the market.

TMC Eco-Reef rock is available to purchase in 6 box types, A, B, C, D, E, and F which means the hobbyist have a vast choice of shapes and sizes. Some of the more interesting rock shapes are available to purchases per piece.

What’s included in the box –

1x #5 (18 x 14 x 19cm)

1x #6 (29 x 18 x12cm)

1x #10 (20 x 16 x 16cm)

1x #12 (31 x 15 x 17cm)

1x #13 (22 x 12 x 17cm)

1x #24 (35 x 27 x 16cm)

1x #27 (28 x 23 x 27cm)

1x #30 (24 x 17 x 27cm)


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