TMC TitanUV Steriliser P1 55W


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Photocatalytically enhanced – up to a third more effective at sterilisation than a standard UV system. Also improves water clarity through the production of hydroxyl radicals which work to oxidise organic and in-organic matter in the water, without any negative effect on inhabitants. Using the same modular design as our Commercial UV Sterilisers, these multi-lamp units offer easy maintenance combined with unbeatable performance. Constructed from an exclusively formulated high UV stabilised compound, designed for its ultra-low toxicity, this range is also further shielded from the UV internally, prolonging the body life even further.

• Individually chambered lamps guarantee short depth of UV penetration for optimum sterilisation.

• Fused quartz glass sleeves offering excellent UV transmittance, as well as ensuring that the lamps can reach their optimum ‘burn temperature’ for maximum UVc production.

• Control gear linked together with IP67 connectors for simple maintenance.

• Translucent lamp caps allow for easy visual verification that lamps are operational.

• Utilises high quality 55W UV lamps, with 8,000hr life expectancy.

• Less than 2psi pressure drop.

• Available in both floor and wall-mounted versions.


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