Hanna Calcium Marine (ppm) HI-758


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Designed to measure calcium in reef tanks, the Hanna Calcium Checker is perfect for corals and marine life.

Easy to use
Accurate results every time
Exceptional price
Large LCD display

Uses top quality technology to deliver high precision results.

The HI-758 Calcium Checker is a simple, accurate and cost effective way to measure marine calcium in water.

Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI 758 provides quick, accurate results in four easy steps;

Add 1ml of reagent A and add 9ml of deionised water to cuvette.
Insert cuvette into the Checker and zero it out.
Remove cuvette and add 0.1ml sample to be tested and 1 packet of reagent B
Reinsert sample and click the button to measure your results or press and hold the button for 3 seconds for a time reaction reading.

The contoured style of the HI-758 Calcium Checker is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. The large LCD is easy to read and the auto shut-off feature ensures the battery life will not be drained if you forget to turn it off.

Ideal for:

Salt water aquariums and coral reef tanks
Water Quality

Main Benefits:

Testing is quick and easy
High precision results – more accurate than chemical test kits
Auto shut-off feature means the Checker cannot be left on by mistake
Fully portable, fitting easily into both palm and pocket
Supplied with

2 sample cuvettes
Cuvette cap
Starter pack of reagents x 25 (re-ordering information: HI-758-26)
1 x 1.5 AAA battery