Fluval Sea PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer


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The Fluval Sea PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer is a small and compact yet incredibly powerful tool to help remove dissolved organic compounds from your water. Designed for nano aquariums and tanks holding between 20-80 litres, the PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer is also responsible for dissolving other harmful substances within your aquarium water before they become broken down into dangerous waste for your fish and other tank inhabitants.

The Fluval Sea PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer features a 32 needle-wheel impeller which increases air-to-water contact ratio. This creates the ideal bubble size for maximum protein collection. An adjustable flow regulator controls the amount of air entering the reaction chamber to produce the perfect “skinmate” amount.

The Fluval Sea PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer is fitted with an adjustable water-level control valve to regulate skimming performance and also features a large reaction chamber that removes organic waste from water molecules by mixing water and air together.

A clear collection cup allows for you to easily monitor waste and removal for cleaning purposes, and with versatile mounting options, setting up is quick and hassle-free. The protein skimmer comes with adjustable hanging brackets and suction cups for effortless set-up.

Lastly, the innovative design of the PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer from Fluval Sea makes it easy to clean and easy to handle.