Red Sea Aiptasia-X 500ml


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Aiptasia-X from Red Sea is a unique and successful treatment against the ‘pest’ anemone Aiptasia.

Aiptasia is introduced via live rock and corals, and can quickly spread throughout your aquarium. Left unchecked it can destroy your coral reefs and cause devastating damage. It can be hard to treat, as the Aiptasia (or glass anemones) will withdraw inside their host corals to avoid any treatment.

Red Sea’s Aiptasia X takes a different approach. It is injected near to the oral disk of the Aiptasia and is ingested easily, like food. It then works from within the unwanted anemone, killing it. It doesn’t affect the corals, so it’s safe to use.

Dosage: 60ml provided in the kit will treat approximately 100 Aiptasia anemones.

Key Features:

Completely reef safe for corals and invertebrates.
Unique adhesive formula stimulating the expansion of the anemones.
Comes with full applicator set.
500ml refill available.


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