Sicce XStream Wave Pump 8000L/H


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XStream wave pumps represent the latest generation of compact stream pumps delivering powerful flow rates with low running operating costs. This small, powerful and energy-efficient line is designed and Made in Italy to rigorous quality standards to ensure high performance, long lasting reliability, and user-friendly maintenance.

Deceptively simple on the outside, the new XStream line offers numerous advanced technology features:

Silent operation
Top quality materials
Sound absorbing O-ring minimize transmission of vibration
High-performance ranges from 920 gph (3500l/h) to 2100 gph (8000l/h)
Programmable control
Minimal electrical consumption means low operating cost and cooler running.
Powerful magnetic mount works with glass up to ¾-inch (20 mm)
90° directional flow adjustable
Rotating magnetic support allows easy positioning in the tank
Pre-lubricated and self-cleaning impeller
Durable pure ceramic bearings assure silent operation and long operating life
Double cord insulation
Fast and easy maintenance
3+2-year warranty
Sicce XStream pumps are designed and engineered for simplicity, style and durability. 24/7. 365.

Flow Rate: 5.000 l/h
Dimensions: 5,3 x 7 x 6,2 cm
Max Tank Thickness: 20 mm
Power Consumption: 5,5Watts
Recommended for saltwater tanks up to 350 liters´
Recommended for freshwater tanks up to 500 liters
Cord Length: 2,2m