TMC V2Pure In-line TDS Meter


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In-line digital TDS monitor which measures and provides a highly accurate ‘real-time’ display of total dissolved solids levels before AND after water passes through the RO system, providing a visual indicator of its performance. ‘Real-time’ calculation of TDS removal rate with a removal rate indicator. When the TDS removal rate is above 80% the LED glows green and when the TDS removal rate drops below 80% the LED glows red. Dual, 3 digit LCD display with backlight.

Easy to use with quick-connect fittings for simple installation.

Selectable monitoring mode – battery saving or continuous monitoring using a mains power adapter (not supplied).

1 x long-life 3v lithium battery (CR2032) included.

V2Pure TDS Monitor Detection Range: 0-999 ppm Sensitivity: 1 ppm Accuracy: ±2%

Weight 25g

Dimensions: 100mm (L) x 8mm (W) x 40mm (H)


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