SOUDAL Silirub AQ Aquaria Silicone 310ml Black


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Silirub AQ is a high-quality, elastical one-component joint sealant/adhesive based on silicones for the construction of aquaria and terraria. Silirub AQ can resist temperatures from +5 C to +35 C. Permanent colour, UV-resistant, stays elastic after curing and very good adhesion on glass.

Even though Silirub AQ is an acetic silicone, the product is not poisonous to animals after curing so that all types of aquaria can be constructed which can be populated by all sorts of fish.


• High modulus acetoxy cure silicone
• Can be used to seal or bond
• Chemically inert after curing
• 100% silicone with no extension
• Primerless adhesion on most surfaces

Construction and reparation of glass aquaria and terraria. Chemically inert after curing so all types of aquaria can be constructed without harm to fish. Bonding of glass to glass constructions such as display cases. Glass to glass sheet sealing such as office partitioning.