TMC Reef Easi-Stir Magnetic Stirrer


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The EASI-Stir offers simple automated stirring of your chosen liquid supplement or feed, making manual stirring or shaking a thing of the past!

It can be used and connected to an EASI-Dose Plus and will automatically be activated 15 seconds before each programmed dose time and then switch off
before dosing commences

Designed to be to be used with 1.5L and 4.5L EASI-Dose Dosing Containers, but is compatible with other, similar sized dosing containers
Includes connection cable for simple and easy connection to your dosing system

Includes a PTFE-covered magnetic stir bar with centre pivot ring to ensure optimum performance and operation

Uses a brushless DC motor and powerful neodymium magnets for quiet operation, durability and minimal heat transfer
Safe, Low Voltage – 12v DC
Energy efficient low wattage (5w)

approx 3000 rpm

Dimensions 105 x 105 x 55mm